Whether it's a simple pipe repair,septic tank replacement or a failed leaching system,Baker Excavation has the knowledge and experience to come up with the right solution for your particular situation.
We install both concrete & plastic septic tanks depending on jobsite situations. The septic tank helps break down solids and lets the wastewater drain to the distribution box
The distribution box evenly distributes the wastewater throughout the leaching system.
Dry wells,Pipe & gravel and Infiltrators  are some of the most popular leaching systems we install.
the size and type depends on different factors such as number of bedrooms, soil  and useable leaching area
Sometimes a pumpstation with a pump and float switches has to be used if the elevation of the leaching system is higher than the elevation of the septic tank.
The use of drop boxes may be needed if the area designated for the leaching field is sloped
Fill sections are used if existing soil has poor percolation. the size of the fill section depends on system size
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