There are many different ways and reasons to control water flow on your property here are some examples
< A curtain drain is a trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe at the bottom. It is used to keep an area dry by diverting both surface and ground water
<Footing drains keep ground water off of foundation footings and out of basements. After applying foundation coating and a layer polyethalene,we install perforated pipe & gravel.
< Gutter drains keep rain water away from foundation walls and directed away from structures
>Catch basins  collect water and direct it away from low lying areas.
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>After the pipe & gravel are set it is wise to install filter fabric to keep silt from blocking your drain
<Once the the filter fabric is installed we can add a thin layer of soil or for maximum surface drainage bring gravel to surface grade level
>Now that final grade is done it's time for seed & straw
>In this example the water had to be pumped up to surface grade
<Catch basins with metal grates do a great job of keeping water from a higher elavation driveway out of your garage and diverted to a designated area